UPPER HAND is manufactured with the use of distilled or soft water.  By doing so, we are able to put an additional amount of chemicals in UPPER HAND.  These chemicals have enzymes which speed up specific chemical reactions and dilute at a higher rate of speed, simply because they have more room to do so.  When UPPER HAND is diluted in water, the chemicals per volume will be greater, therefore more powerful.  There is nothing to soften in distilled water, so until you mix it with your water, that effect will not take place.  The effect and reaction in your water is amazing since water is only used to dilute to your need.  

    UPPER HAND is non-toxic, has no phosphate compounds, and is also biodegradable.  In other words, the contents in UPPER HAND are broken down into simpler compounds by natural biological action.  This capability helps to eliminate suds and foaming problems in our lakes and streams.

    The contents in UPPER HAND are manufactured under strict control from start to finish-assuring the highest quality product available.  UPPER HAND does not have any acids, bleaches, or ammonias.  UPPER HAND contains sodium silicate to protect glass surfaces including china and also machine parts, surfactants to remove soil, grease, and control foam, sodium metasilicate to boost and give added power, water softeners, conditioners, enzymes to speed up chemical reactions, anti-fog agent to defog glass and lifters to remove stains from carpet.

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Upper Hand All-Purpose Cleaner (4qts)

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