How it Works

 UPPER HAND can be used as a mild spray solution or full strength wash.  Just adjust the strength to fit your particular cleaning job.  For small jobs, apply UPPER HAND to damp cloth or sponge, then wipe.  For tougher jobs on hard surfaces, dilute UPPER HAND 1 to 10.

    UPPER HAND is perfect for cleaning exteriors and interiors of recreational vehicles and objects such as vans, campers, boats, RVs, tents, sleeping bags, hunting, fishing, and sporting equipment.  It's very effective as well when applied to stains on any type of baked-on enamel surfaces - cars, trucks, semis, etc...

    To remove most stains, dilute UPPER HAND 1 to 31 with cold water.  Moisten the stained area, leave for a few seconds then wipe dry and repeat as necessary.  UPPER HAND will remove stains caused by soft drinks, chocolate, tea, coffee, milk, cream, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, beverages, blood, ink, lipstick, cosmetics, mascara, grass, gravy, ice cream, iodine, jelly or jam, ketchup, adhesive tape, margarine, butter, shoe polish, salad dressing, mayonnaise, pencil and crayon marks, soap, spaghetti sauce, urine, soups, mustard, eggs, and more.

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-General Cleaning-
-Cleaning Jewelry- 
-Pre-Wash and Laundry- 
-Windows and Mirrors- 
-Vinyl and Convertible Tops- 
-Cleaning Concrete- 
-Hard Water and Lime- 
-Cleaning Wood- 
-Cleaning Tires- 
-Bug or Tar Removal and Paint Oxidation- 
-Grills, Stoves, and Ovens- 
-Cleaning Floor Surfaces- 
-Degreasing Car Engine- 
-Furniture Upholstery and Auto Interior- 
-Swimming Pools- 
-Heel and Scuff Marks- 
-To Flush Radiators and Prevent Rust- 
-Cleaning Tile Grout- 
-Hand Cleaner- 
-Makeup and Cosmetics- 
-Cleaning Awnings- 
-Tree Sap on Painted Surfaces- 
-Boats, Motorcycles, Etc...- 
-Love Bugs- 
-Coffee Pots- 
-Venetian Blinds- 
-Cleaning Gutters- 
-Cleaning Fireplace- 
-Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets- 
-Paneling and Baseboards- 
-Aluminum Threshold- 
-Brake Dust- 
-Stripping Linoleum, Tile, and Wood Floors- 
-Plastic, Plexiglas, Fiberglass, and Vinyl- 
-Cleaning Chrome- 
-Tennis Shoes- 
-Nail Polish- 
-Air Conditioner and Heating Vents-
General Cleaning
UPPER HAND diluted in a ratio of 1 to 31 oz. of water results in an effective all-purpose cleaning mixture with which to spray countertops, furniture, paneling, woodwork, walls, upholstery, appliances, light fixtures, ceramics, stainless steel, patio and pool furniture, venetian blinds, and any metal surface.  Wipe dry with soft cloth after applying spray mist.

    UPPER HAND may be used in a 1 oz. to 10 oz. ratio for tough problems involving rust, road tar, driveway cleaning, degreasing car engines, glue and soap buildup.  Apply to area to be cleaned and let stand for five minutes, then wipe off with clean cloth.  NOTE: On motorcycles, house signs, autos, trucks, or other objects with metal surfaces, do not use 1:10 ratio in hot sun or while surface is hot.  Spray off immediately with hose.  If surface is hot, let it cool down, then spray with cold water hose before applying UPPER HAND and hosing again.